Advantages of the Dog Chain Collar

While there are a multitude of fancy dog collars on the market today, nothing has stood the test of time quite like the chain collar. Its tried and true ability to deter your dog from pulling is still popular among many dog enthusiasts.

For those who have no idea what a chain collar is, you might be used to hearing it referred to as a choke chain. The choke chain reference has stuck as that is precisely what the collar does to the dog to prevent him/her from pulling.

When used properly, this collar works like a pull and release mechanism: pull the chain to ‘choke’ the dog and release the chain (immediately) so it falls back to its normal loose position.

Chain collars take some getting used to by both the owner and the dog. If you pull the chain and don’t release it fast enough, the chain will remain in a choke position around your dog’s neck, causing him/her to gag and/or cough.

Keep in mind that this type of collar is very effective for the purpose it was designed for, but choking your dog for any length of time is not recommended.

Once you and your dog have tested out the chain collar and both of you get used to how it works, you will find that the pulling you experienced every time you took you dog for a walk comes to a halt.

The next time you’re blessed with a beautiful day, slip the chain collar around your dog’s neck without fear that your beloved animal will yank your arm off!

And once you have trained your dog (with the chain collar) not to pull, walking him/her will become a joy rather than a nuisance. Let the walks begin!