Applying a Chain Collar to Your Dog the Safe Way

So – you have just come to the conclusion that you need to train your dog a little more. You have gone and bought a lead and made the recommended measurements to ensure that it gives two to three inches of slack around the dog’s neck. Your next step is to ensure that you can apply the collar safely to the dog without causing him or her pain in order to use the tug and release method.

According to expert dog trainers, it is surprising how many dog lovers do not know how to apply this training accessory safely to their dog or bitch. This instructional article will aim to tell you more.

To your left, sit your dog down and have the chain ready over your wrist like a bracelet. You need the piece of the collar called the slide ring towards the top so that you can pull on the chain to tighten it and slip it over your dog’s head whilst the slide ring remains in this position.

The importance of the slide ring at the top is so it doesn’t do any harm to the dog. Always remember that if you see this ring at the bottom of the collar at any point, you have more than likely done something wrong, and need to re adjust.

Learning how to apply a dog collar alone is different. Acquiring help from a trainer is recommended as it can save you time, patience and potential discomfort for your dog.