Puppy Training – Collar Training

Collar training can actually start the first day you bring your puppy home. You will want to make sure you get a collar that is the appropriate size. You should always be able to fit two fingers sideways between the collar and puppy.

You also want to get a standard six foot leash to start with. As the puppy gets older you can always switch to a retractable leash, but during puppy training you will want to stick to the standard six foot leash. The weight of the leash should be similar to the weight of the collar.

You will never want to place a chain collar on a puppy when the puppy is not in training. The chain collar is strictly for puppy training and not just to wear around. It is especially dangerous if they walk into their crate with it on because it can get caught on the metal meshing of the kennel door and they can choke.

When you place a collar on your puppy it also provides security in the event your puppy got out. Be careful when choosing name tags for you puppies collar because they can easily get stuck in the door of the crate during crate training. The best name plate is the one embedded into the collar itself.

Now that you have your new collar and leash it is time to start leash training. Most puppies will often walk with you without realizing that they are on a leash. It’s when they realize that they have to walk with you that problems can develop. You never want to pull on your puppy. You want to create pressure because they are going to learn how to release that pressure.

Stand still when your puppy stops and does not want to continue, but make sure there is pressure on the collar. As soon as the puppy moves forward the pressure will be released from the collar and you can praise the puppy. He will now start to develop the habit of walking to release pressure and experience pleasure as a result.

The key to collar training is not to pull on his collar. With a little bit of pressure and a lot of encouragement it will not be long before he is proudly marching by your side.