The Proper Way to Put a Chain Collar on Your Dog

There is a right and a wrong way to put chain collars on a dog. This article illustrates the right way.

When you have decided to start using chain canine collars on your dog, there is a right and a wrong way for you to put it on. This is going to keep the dog from being injured by the chain collar. Here are the steps that you should take in order to put the chain dog collars on correctly.

The first thing that you should do is do some research and figure out what the best chain dog collars are for your dog. While you are at the pet store, you should examine the chain carefully to make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges on it. Once you have figured out that it’s safe, purchase the collar.

Hold the collar in your one hand, hold the end ring in the other hand and guide the chain through the inside of the ring in order to form the collar.

Once the collar has been assembled, place your hand through the inner part of the collar. When it’s loose on your hand, it should look like a letter ‘P’.

When the collar is in the shape of a ‘P’ on your hand, take the hand with the collar, place your fingers on your dog’s muzzle, and slide the chain collar over the head of your dog.

Once the chain collar is around the neck of your dog, pull the collar and release it. If the chain collar releases, then it’s on correctly. If it’s tight, then you have to take it off and turn it around.

You want to make sure that the collar is going to be comfortable on your dog to avoid injuring your dog. A good chain collar can be a useful training tool when it’s used right and with love and care for your dog.